After you send your form to me I will Email you your receipt. After you approve the final price, you will receive a PayPal invoice from me, and from there you can pay for your commission.

If paying with Swish, you will receive my phone number to make your payment.

The invoice will not have a particular due date. I will start on your commission once I have been payed.

I will not accept unprecedented refunds. Make sure you’ve made up your mind before you send me any money!


Being as specific as possible is greatly appreciated.

The Email I can reach you at to confirm your request.
The Email to send the invoice.
Pick the style you want your commission to have.
Pick the layout you want your commission to have.
Describe how you want your commission to look like. Describe characters and/or link reference images and specify actions, moods and poses.
Select type of background. Please specify details below.
Describe backgrounds and/or link reference images. If you don't want a background you can specify colors.
Describe and/or link reference images of potential props. Price will vary depending on complexity (See FAQ).
Insert Email and/or username (and website) to send the final piece to.
If left blank you will only receive it personally.
Anything else you'd like me to know!