How do I use Paypal? 

If you don’t know how to use Paypal, please don’t ask me how to do it, Google has lots of answers for you. 
If I have to go through how to use Paypal with every single client it will eat all my drawing time, so please respect that I won’t be answering such questions. 

How long will my commission take?   

Sketches can take half an hour while full detailed drawings can take up to 5 hours to a week depending on the size of it. Please don’t rush me, I try to get done as quickly as I can! You can of course ask me for updates as time goes on. 
I will not take longer than a month if I don’t have a good reason for it, and I will of course inform you.

Why are backgrounds so expensive? 

I really dislike drawing backgrounds thus it takes a very long time. I’ve priced based on what effort it takes and it takes A LOT of time and effort.
Transparent or flat colored backgrounds are free. You provide me this information via the form.

I want my character to hold a prop, how much will it cost?

Please ask me first. If it’s small e.g. coffee cup, a pen etc. it will be free of charge. 

There is an error in my drawing, can you fix it?

I’ll only do edits if it is minor or an obvious mistake. I use many layers or no layers at all making it hard to clean things in post. 

Can I share and/or repost my commission?

Your commission belongs to you after receiving it and you can do whatever you please with it as long as you credit me as the original artist. Do not remove my signature. If I find you violating these terms you will no longer be able to commission me.