Fionnbharr Anatina

Fionnbharr is the father of Sheshebens. As soon as he came to realize his son wasn’t like everybody else, Fionnbharr became very concerned. He did everything in his power to figure out what was wrong with him, but of course never got any answers.

Even as Sheshebens had become an adult, he couldn’t quite come to terms with how different he was, or the fact that he was a genius. He just can’t shake the fear that Sheshebens could one day get seriously hurt for not following the norm. While only wishing the wellbeing of his son, he tends to get very irritated by his behavior, and often fails to communicate with him properly, due to having very different world views. Fionnbharr’s anxiety issues mostly originated from being rejected by his own father, for being too short, and picking up a profession dominated by women. He is therefore terrified of becoming like his dad, accidentally losing or facing rejection from his son, but he is unable to express himself about it.

He spent the years before meeting his wife living together with his sister Carolina. 

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Name meaning: Handsome

Nicknames: Fionn, Fio, Fi

Height: 153cm (5'0")

Gender: Male (he/him)

Orientation: Heterosexual

Occupation: Hatter / Tailor

Relationship Status: Married




Sewing, Color picking




Rejection, Shouting, Anxiety, Getting emotional


"If we let people with different views change us, everything we’ve worked for would go to waste!"

"What can you say? Our son is a busy man…"




LOVE 100%
Fionnbarr treasures his son above anything else, it’s just too bad they struggle to get along. Sheshebens was always a rebel, and Fionnbharr has always been terrified it would one day get him in trouble. That’s why he always feels like he needs to remind him to stay in line, but his son never complied. 
“People should be allowed to write and do what they want, right?”
– Sheshebens


Big love 100%
Although they have their quarrels, Prudence is the best thing that ever happened to Fionnbharr. Her presence always brings a smile to his face, and he still doesn’t quite believe she’s his wife. 
“Just like that, out of the blue, we found exactly the perfect one.” – Prudence
Carolina Anatina


Neutral 90%

When all else failed, Carolina was always there to embrace her brother. Living together until Fionnbharr got married, they developed a very strong bond, although they are often seen teasing each other.

Evangeline Anatina


Uncertain 80%
Fionnbharr’s mother was always very caregiving but reserved. She was always willing to listen, but never gave much in return. Fionnbharr is a bit disappointed in her for never speaking up about his fathers behavior, and leaving him also meant separating from his mother.
Vivienne Vireo


Neutral 80%

While his mother-in-law is a bit on the annoying side, he can’t help but like her. She encouraged him to marry her daughter from the very beginning, and always loves to see his new hats.

Alexandria Vireo


Neutral 60%


Petronella Vireo


Neutral 60%


Beauregard Anatina