Sheshebens Anatina

Sheshebens is a tiny, well renowned genius. His high intellect stems from his exceptional memory. Whenever he learns or hears something new, it will stick.

Sheshebens often doesn’t want to acknowledge how smart he really is, and wants to appear just like anybody else. Even if he has a very kind heart,  his poor social skills has left him with few friends, as he often ends up accidentally offending people by his straightforward nature. Teaching is a whole different story, as at his school he’s free to lecture about what he’s passionate about, and he loves to share his knowledge to those who are willing to listen.

Sheshebens’ passion lies in philosophy, which makes him tend to question everything, including why he’s alive. This means he’s pretty much always experiencing an existential crisis. He has a hard time finding a reason to be happy about anything, and overanalyzes the simplest things. Being left alone with his head never ends well.  

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Name meaning: Small Duck

Nicknames: Sheshe, Shee, Ben, Benny, Benben

(He really dislikes being called Ben, Benny or Benben, don't do it.)

Height: 150cm (4'11")

Gender: Male (he/him)

Orientation: Demisexual Biromantic

Occupation: University Professor, Author

Relationship Status: Single


Reading, Writing, Teaching, Politics, Music, Bird watching


Learning, Memorizing, Singing, Critical thinking


Books, Mayonnaise, Coffee, Birds, Dogs, Parks, Sweaters


Aloysius, Bigotry, Overthinking, Violence, Sewing, Mornings

He buys caged birds just to set them free.

He runs late almost every day (from being a night owl and never getting up early).

He ate half a jar of mayonnaise once. 

He's a hoarder of random trinkets people sell on the streets. 

He hates spending money on unnecessary things like expensive fabrics and a house bigger than he needs.

"But change is good. Change is necessary, because if we kept doing the same thing, we would never get better. How are the birds supposed to take flight, if they never dared to jump out of the nest?"

"The world is so beautiful… And we never stop to watch."

"Everything is so strange... But for some reason, it still is... What's the point of that?"

"Eggs are so fascinating..."

Voice claim / Main theme



Big love 100%
Sheshebens mother Prudence has always been the sunshine in his life, reminding him there are good sides of living after all. Growing up she was one of the only ones to encourage him to shoot for the stars, which he now is very thankful for. 
“So many people would buy your books. How exciting… I can see the name, Sheshebens Anatina, all over the shelves!”


Much respect 100%
Sheshebens hates to admit Mahogany is more of a father to him than his own father ever was. Mahogany always understood, and when he didn’t, he always tried his best to. Whenever Sheshebens was in trouble he always felt safe to come to Mahogany about it, as he was a great listener, and always said what he wanted to hear. 
“What is it that’s going on in that head of yours?”  
– Mahogany


Mixed love 90%
Sheshebens relationship with his father is difficult. While he loves him, it seems like all Fionnbharr wants to do is to pick a fight. Sheshebens understands that all his dad wanted was a normal child that wouldn’t cause trouble, something he was never able to be. He feels ashamed of never being able to meet his dads expectations. 
“There you go again with that scary existential stuff.”
– Fionnbharr
Carolina Anatina


Neutral 80%

Carolina was the only member of Sheshebens’ dads family that was present during his childhood. Carol was always fun to be around and gave warm hugs. She also always had her poodle with her.

Vivienne Vireo


Neutral 80%

Much like his mother, Vivienne has always been extremely kindhearted and caregiving, maybe a little bit too much so. The only thing she wants to talk about is her new fashion line, though, which never interested Sheshebens much.

Alexandria Vireo


Neutral 80%

Sheshebens more reserved grandmother. Although very lovable, she always felt quite untouchable, being a big deal in the fashion industry. Especially seeing as Sheshebens’ notoriously inept in the subject. 

Petronella Vireo


Neutral 80%

Petronella is a carbon copy of Sheshebens mother, always around to spread sunshine and happiness. Unlike his mother however, Petronella was able to get a son that could reach the family’s expectations. 

Evangeline Anatina


Uncertain 60%

Because of her absence during his life, Sheshebens never really got to know Evangeline, but from the few times they have interacted, he knows they think in similar ways. Sheshebens can tell that she is being silenced by her husband. 

Beauregard Anatina


Knowing Fionnbharr’s hatred of his father, Sheshebens has always been very wary of Beauregard. Being Sheshebens however, he knew he had to give him a chance, but his efforts proved futile, because for some reason Beauregard always expected him to achieve more than he already did. 

“Didn’t your father teach you any manners?” – Beauregard


Mixed 0%