Support me by commissioning a piece of artwork!

Here I will list all rules and specifications of my services.

Please make sure you have read everything before making an inquiry!

Payment with PayPal only.

Commissions are currently closed which means I will not be answering inquiries!


I will only accept inquiries through the forms included in the links above unless you know me elsewhere. I will not accept inquiries via apps like Instagram as I can’t register it properly. Filling in or following the forms will speed up the process for both of us.

Being as specific as possible is greatly appreciated.

What I can draw

OC’s, fanart, fan characters, any kind of character!

Any ships e.g. OC x OC, canon x canon, OC x canon of any genders. 

Humans or any other weird species e.g. Koopas, Pokémon, Gems, you name it!

Any body types

What I won't/can't draw

Real life people like celebrities / other artists. I’ll only do this if the person consents.

Full nudity or 18+ porn partial nudity is fine.

Robotics / Machinery e.g. transformers, guns, vehicles

Extreme violence and gore e.g. torn off limbs, guts hanging out, otherwise blood and bruising is fine

Art depicting religious or political messages and figures 

Naturally, anything depicting offensive material such as sexism, racism, homophobia, abuse, rape etc.. Use your head.

Please note I have the right to decline your request. If there’s something I’m uncomfortable doing for you, I will let you know.
If you want something that isn’t included in this list, contact me!

Payment Details

After you send your form to me I will Email you back to accept or decline your request along with your receipt. After you approve the final price, you will receive a Paypal invoice from me, and from there you can pay for your commission.

The invoice will not have a particular due date. I will start on your commission once I have been payed.

I will not accept unprecedented refunds. Make sure you’ve made up your mind before you send me any money! 

Confused? Check the FAQ or Contact me!